Olive wood has a natural beauty and quirky disobedience which means that no two items are ever the same. Each piece is unique. The wood dictates the piece and Harry does the rest, letting his hands and the grain of the wood guide him.
So... for that extra special gift for a loved one, a souvenir of your stay here, or even an indulgent little treat for yourself..take a look at his 'gifts from the tree'.
Everything you see here at Agnadi is made by Harris, and not mass produced in factories as are most of the olive wood products you will see on sale (sadly a sign of the times now), so once they have gone it will be next winter after the olive harvest before he will make any more.

We also have a small selection of hand crafted items, lovingly created in the winter months by Harris who, besides from his love of the restaurant, has a passion for olive wood. We mentioned earlier that we only use olive oil produced from our own trees in the restaurant.
To extract the oil we must first collect the olives from the tree and in the process of doing this the trees are pruned to encourage fresh growth for the following years crop.
Some of the prunings are used as firewood to keep us warm and cosy during the winter months, but Harry, who has an appreciative eye for the beauty in the wood selects a few choice pieces for his craft.
With a bit of imagination, and a lot of work and fine finishing, he is able to turn this gift from the tree into a piece of exquisite art.

The name Haralampos! A Greek name!
Haralampos is a Greek name.
It can be shortened to: Babis : Labis or: Harris....depending on which generation of Haralampos: grandfather, father, son, grandson and so on...... all will be called it gets a bit confusing!!!
To make life a bit easier for the rest of the family, the three shortened versions of the name are used.
So....Harris - which is then shortened to Harry- is a genuine Greek name:
As well as celebrating birthdays, the Greek people also celebrate the 'name day' of the saint they are named after.
Saint Haralampos day is February 10th.
On this day anyone named Babis, Labis, or Harris will be buying the drinks !!!(make a note in your diary!)
So..forget Zorbas the greek... we have.... HARRY THE GREEK!!!!!